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Ballet is a young art. He is little more than four hundred years old, although the dance has adorned the life of man since ancient times.

Ballet was born in Northern Italy during the Renaissance. The Italian princes loved the lavish palace festivals, in which the dance occupied an important place. Rural dancing did not suit the court ladies and gentlemen. Their attire, like the halls where they danced, did not allow an unorganized movement.

Special teachers - dance masters - tried to restore order in court dances. They pre-rehearsed with the noblemen separate figures and dance movements and led groups of dancers. Gradually the dance became more theatrical.

The term "ballet" appeared at the end of the XVI century (from the Italian balletto - to dance). But he then did not mean a performance, but only a dance episode, conveying a certain mood. Such "ballets" usually consisted of little connected "yields" of characters - most often heroes of Greek myths. After such "exits", a general dance began - the "big ballet".

The first ballet performance was "The Comedy Ballet of the Queen", staged in 1581 in France by the Italian ballet master Baltazarini di Beljojozo. It was in France that further development of the ballet took place. At first they were ballet-masquerades, and then pompous melodramatic ballets for chivalric and fantastic stories, where dance episodes were replaced by vocal arias and recitation of poems.

By the middle of the XVIII century the ballet won great popularity in Europe. All the aristocratic courts of Europe sought to imitate the luxury of the French royal court. In the cities, opera houses were opened. Numerous dancers and dance teachers easily found work for themselves.

In ballet performances, a fascinating plot created by a writer, a music composed by a composer, a dance invented by a choreographer and performed by artists, picturesque scenery and costumes made according to the artist's intention merge into one together.

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