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The longest subway

New York subway is the best public transport - it works fast and is opened day and night. There are special elevators for disabled people which are specially equipped to take them from street to the train. The subway serves 1,7 billion passengers annually what is twice less than subway in Tokyo (3,3 billion).

The tallest tree on Earth

The tallest tree was discovered in 2006 in the National Park of California “Redwood”. It is Hyperion dwarf which is 115.7 m height and is 700-800 years old what seems not very much since redwoods live for 4000 years.

The world’s biggest plane

The biggest plane in the world AN-225 was designed at the experimental design studio of Antonov and was built on the Kyiv mechanical plant in 1988. The length of the plane is 84 m, the height - 18,2 m and the wingspan is 88,4 m. Due to six turbojet engines AN-225 is capable to speed up to 850 km/h. The plane was specially constructed for the space shuttle “Buran”. He was supposed to transport separate parts of the spacecraft and rocket-carrier “Energy” from the assembly point to the launch point.

The longest and the deepest railway in the world

Gotthard Base Tunnel is currently the longest and the deepest railway tunnel in the world. Its length is 57.1 km (153.4 km of service routes), and the depth - 1.6 km (in some points the mountain is towering above the tunnel at the height of 2.3 km). The tunnel was officially opened June 1, 2016 in Switzerland. It was very hard to build the tunnel since the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius at the depth. Eight people died during the work on the tunnel. The tunnel connects two Swiss villages Oersted and Bodio what makes it possible to cross the Alps in 20 minutes.

The most northern city

Located on the Island of Spitsbergen Longyearbyen is considered to be the most northern town in the world. It is situated 1309 km from the North Pole. The city was founded in 1906. Today over 2,000 people live in Longyearbyen. The highest summer temperatures is 5 degrees Celsius, the average temperature in winter - 20 degrees below zero but sometimes it reaches the point of 40 degrees! One more interesting fact about Longyearbyen. In 2006 the underground storage of plant seeds was created in case of man-made disaster. 4.5 million samples of crops from all over the world were hidden at the depth of 120 m.

The biggest machine

BELAZ 75710 is the most powerful machine among dump trucks. It is capable to lift 450 tons of sand or whatever while its predecessor lifts only 360. The length of the machine is 20,5 m, the width - 9,75 m and the height - 8,17 m. The weight of the giant is 360 tons. However, despite the size and weight it is able to speed up to 67 km/h.

The world's largest ship

The world's largest cruise ship “Allure of the Seas” sails under the Bahamian flag. This is not a ship, this is the city in a nutshell: 16 passenger decks, 2,700 rooms, cafes and restaurants, swimming pools, golf course, water park, shops and boutiques, park of trees, casinos and bars, an ice skating rink, playgrounds and entertainments for children. “Allure of the Seas” can accommodate 6296 passengers and 2384 crew members. The ship was manufactured in Finland on request of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and was awarded with DNV label (Det Norske Veritas) what means that it is ecologically friendly.

The biggest lottery prize

84-year old Gloria MacKenzie from Florida was lucky to win the biggest lottery prize ever - 590 million dollars! On May 18th 2013 she bought the lottery ticket what she has never done before. Moreover, she told that she was standing in a queue to buy the ticket when suddenly one man let her go first! Gloria preferred to take $390 million at once to dividing the prize to 30 parts. She bought the house for 1,2 million, gave 2 million for repair of the roof of the school where her daughter worked as biology teacher. The rest of the money she has been keeping in the bank.

The smallest hotel

The smallest hotel in the world is located in Copenhagen and is called Central. There is only one 12 m2 room placed on the first floor. However, there is everything you need for comfortable stay in the hotel: double bed, LCD TV, fridge, phone, bathroom and even free Wi-Fi. The price for the room is 240 euro per night. There is a cozy cafe on the ground floor where you can have your breakfast.

The longest word

The longest word in the world consists of 189 819 English characters. The word means chemical compound better known as Titina (it is also called titin or connectin) - the largest protein known to science. Titina is composed of 38138 amino acids. There is no need to read the word because you will need at least 3 hours!

The biggest animal

Blue whale is the biggest animal on Earth. Whale is not a fish, it is an animal because it refers to mammals. The length of the giant is 33 m and the weight is 190 tons! It inhabits the World Ocean.

The largest pool

If you are eager to swim in crystal clear seawater and are not afraid of sharks and coastal waves then welcome to the Pacific coast to Algarrobo. It is situated 100 km away from Santiago and can boast with the largest pool in the world. The maximum length is 1013 m and the water surface is 8 hectares. It is clearly seen from space!

The smallest town

The smallest town in the world can be found in Croatia. It is called Hum and is located in the community of Buzet in Istria. There are only 17 people in the town. The reason why it is considered a town is because it has all the appropriate infrastructure - post, the museum, the central square, the cemetery, gift and wine shops and finally two temples.

The deepest trench

The deepest place on Earth is the Mariana Trench. It is situated in the western part of the Pacific Ocean near the Marianas. The length of the Mariana Trench is about 1500 kilometers. The bottom width is around 5 km. Recently the mountains of the height 2.5 km were discovered at the bottom of the Trench.

The smallest country

Vatican is the smallest country in the world. Vatican citizenship is not inherited. The length of the state border is 3.2 km. There is a local bank and radio station. The budget of the country is 310 million dollars. The state has its own railway station and 700 meters of railway tracks.

The highest waterfall

The highest waterfall in the world is called Angel and is located in Venezuela. It was named in honor of the pilot James Angel who first told the world about this miracle in 1933. The waterfall has been lost in the jungles of southeastern Venezuela and is included in the Canaima National Park.

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