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True thrill-seekers will be not surprised at a parachute jump or something like this. They are ready to travel even to the other end of the world for rattling their nerves. Such people like different sideshows very much. It gives incredible emotions and energy! There are 10 the dizziest side-shows of the world that raise completely your adrenalin! 1. Insanity (USA)

It is a really insane merry-go-round, which is the highest in the Earth. Its height is 300 m and it is fixed on the top of the skyscraper. This merry-go-round is a construction with the opened cabins for passengers, which revolve with the speed of 60 km/h and angularly 70 °. All passengers are turned facedown during the revolving.

2. X-Scream (USA)

The side-show X-Scream is placed on hotel’s top with a height 350 m. It looks like a cabin, where passengers sit. Afterwards, it takes a run outside the top, then suddenly stops and also suddenly fall down.

3. Big Shot (USA)

In the same hotel with X-Scream also the other sideshow is located. It is called Big Shot. It is considered as the highest side-show in the world. There is a platform with sits on the top of the tower here. This platform raises sharply upward and then sinks down in a free fall.

4. White Cyclone (Japan)

It is a wood side-show, which is one of the longest roller-coaster in the world. Its length is 1,7 km with all dizzy lifts and spiral descendings. The height is equal the height of 15-storey house and the speed of the cabins is circa 100 km/h.

5. Giant Canyon Swing (USA)

There is a large swing, which is located on the top of mountain slope with the height 400 m above the river Colorado. There are only four sits for passengers that swing back and forth with the speed 80 km/h. At the peak passengers can admire the nature landscape around.

6. Edge Walk (Canada)

If you like the height you can walk along the platform, which is situated on top of the TV-tower. It is a 116-storey building. You can go along the edge without hand-rail, only with the safety rope.

7. Insano (Brazil)

It is a large water hill with the height equal to 14-storey house. You go down with a crazy speed only for 5 seconds and then dive into giant pool.

8. Takabisha (Japan)

It is the most incredible roller-coaster with the magnetic cushion. You will run 1 km and 7 sharp bends only for 1 min 52 sec.

9. Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry (Great Britain) It is a rope side-show, where people take a run with 161 km/h on the height of the hundreds meters. The whole flight lasts 2 minutes.

10. Zip Line (UAE)

This rope-way allows the sweeping across the rope between two skyscrapers above the largest fountains in Dubai. The height of Zip Line is 90 m and the speed is 80 km/h, which you can take a run.



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