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The Luxurious Planes Which Are Fantastically Equipped


The planes are considered to be the fastest and safest way of traveling. Their speed can reach up to 3700 km per hour. At the same time they are very comfortable.

Alongside with quite usual and typical planes, nowadays there are the so-called business jets. Their characteristics and equipment are much better and expensive than the others’. Only the richest people of the planet can obtain such planes.

Bombardier Global Express

This plane costs $ 57 million. In the cabin, there are elements made of genuine leather, a set of gilded parts of an interior, and also furniture instructed with valuable tree breeds.

Airbus A-319-115XCJ

The price of the plane is about $86 million. On this plane, everything is created for the safety of passengers. Sometimes it takes up to a half of year to prepare it for flight.

Airbus A330-200

The plane is equipped with LED lighting, super convenient seats and beds for the crew. The plane is designed especially for holding the business meeting during the flight. It costs $240 million.

Boeing 747– 8 VIP

Its price is about $153 million. There are vaulted ceilings, video displays on walls and a spiral staircase in the plane.

Airbus A380 Custom

This magnificent plane possesses everything. There is a garage on two cars, rooms for hawks, a stable, a set of bedrooms, bathrooms with shower and spa center in the jet.

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