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There are a lot of interesting things in wildlife all around the globe, which can surprise us. We offer you to take a look at the most anomalous places in the world. Eternal Flame Falls (USA) This unusual waterfall is 100% natural phenomenon. It burns because of little mountain breaks. The thing is that natural gas seeps through these breaks and then burns. Sometimes this eternal flame goes out, but tourists burn it again.

Magnetic Hill (India) This hill is situated in Ladakh in India. If you park your car at foot of the hill, your car will start to go back to the slope. It seems that some invisible power draws a car upward.

Dolmen These whimsical stone constructions you can find all aver the world. Inside these buildings, interesting things happen like changing daily rate.

Frangokastello fort (Greece) This building is located on Crete. It is the only documentary paranormal event. Every year at the end of the May there are human shadows moving by foot or riding from the Saint Charalambos church to Frangocastello fort. This phenomenon can be noticed in the morning when the sea is calm and high level of humidity. The whole phenomenon lasts for 10 minutes.

Jihlava Catacombs (Czech Republic) In 1996 scientists fixed the sounds of organ here, which is described in the legend. But there are no such a building near these catacombs, which has enough space for this musical instrument. In addition “luminous staircase” was noticed here. The scientists checked the material of this staircase, there was no phosphorus discovered. So it cannot be explained why this staircase shines with mysterious red light.

Stone forest (China) This forest is located in Shilin. It was formed more than 200 million ages ago. Earlier here was a sea with deposits of limestone. During some time these stones came on the ground surface. There is also Quiffing cave, where an underground river every 30 minutes forms a whirlwind that disappears quickly. This phenomenon takes place every year from August until November.

Crystal Channel or River of Five Colours (Columbia) The original name is Caño Cristales. It is a special river which coloured with 5 colours. It is considered as the most beautiful river in the world. Mostly this river looks like any ordinary river, but in summer it turns into the colourful river. These colours are made by numerous special seaweeds.

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