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The Most Breathtaking Waterparks in the World


Water attractions is an active and exciting rest that can energize you during the hot summer. We will tell you about the most extreme waterparks all over the world. Wild Wadi, Dubai, UAE

The area is 49 000 square meters of the park. There are 30 attractions on the territory. Jumeirah Sceirah is the highest slide in Wild Wadi with the height 32 m. The floor disappears and you fall down along the chute with the speed 80 km/h. Siam Park, Tenerife, Spain

This waterpark is one of ten best parks in the world. The favourite attractions of the visitors are: slide Singha with the length 24 m and 28-meter high Tower of Power. Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The waterpark is considered as the largest attraction park in South-Eastern Asia. Sunway Lagoon consists of six zones: waterpark, attraction park, extreme park, horror park, wildlife park and children’s park Nickelodeon. This park is really worthy to visit because everybody can find here the entertainment according to his/her taste. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, Orlando, USA

This place is dedicated to the boisterous element. There are fishing equipment, schooners, surfing boards and chips of the ships everywhere. Mayday is the main attraction here. This is an 18-meter high tube slide flume with winding "rough rapids" feel. Beach Park, Aquiraz, Brazil

Exactly in Beach Park, the legendary attraction Insano is located. This is a 41-meter high slide with the almost vertical slope that you overcome only for 4-5 seconds. During going down you develop the speed 105 km/h. There are also more than 70 other attractions on the territory of Beach Park.

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