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Perhaps, there is no person in the whole world who doesn’t like fruit. Of course, the tastes differ. The value of fruits can’t be overestimated. They help us to stay healthy, to look better, and simply to enjoy the life. But what fruit is considered to be one of the best for health? There is no definite answer to this question. But there is a top list of fruits that will help us to stay young and holistic for many years.


Every child knows a proverb “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. And each doctor agrees with this statement. The apples contain almost all necessary vitamins and microelements to stay healthy and beautiful.


This fruit is capable of struggling with much more serious diseases than apples are. For example, it is proved that pomegranate is capable to brake development of cancer tumors and even to prevent their emergence.


In comparison with other fruits, banana is poor in vitamins. But it is extremely rich in potassium and natural Saccharides.


This fruit is used to treat mental and physical overfatigue, and also gastrointestinal and catarrhal diseases.


This fruit is the best supplier of the Vitamin C.

Also, it is considered to be a keeper of the youth.


Pineapple facilitates to split the fats and strengthens immunity.

This fruit is very popular among those who keep to a diet.

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