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There are a lot of various museums, which are devoted to different things all around the world. We all are used to visit different exhibitions in the ordinary museums. However, there are also such unusual museums, which you probably will be afraid to visit. Anyway, let us take a look at these incredible places and then you will decide which of them you will cross the threshold. 1. Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum (Fall River, USA)

There is a legend about a mysterious murder in the family Borden in Fall River. It is considered that one of their daughters Lizzy murdered her father and stepmother. Since that time people think that the house of Bordens was mysterious and had the ghosts of the dead family members. At the present moment, there is a museum in this house. The guests can spend a night in one of the rooms and have breakfast in the morning.

2. The Vampire Museum (Les Lilas, France)

You just cannot visit France and do not visit The Vampire Museum in the outskirts of Paris. The museum is located in the small commune, Les Lilas. Here you can see a lot of books and posters devoted to the vampires, the props of the different movies about Dracula. The visiting of the museum includes also a story of the curator about legends and history of vampires.

3. Underwater Museum MUSA (Cancun, Mexico)

This incredible museum is located at a depth of several meters underwater. You can experience snorkel during 45 minutes here and admire more than 470 underwater sculptures including the beauty of the marine life. In general, the whole tour lasts 3 hours.

4. Vent Haven Museum (Fort Mitchell, USA)

This unusual place contains the biggest collection of the weird dolls, which have ventriloquists. Crossing the threshold of the museum you can hear that all the dolls mutter. It is possible to lose your mind because of this creepy sound.

5. Hair Museum (Avanos, Turkey)

Avanos Hair Museum is listed in the Guinness World Records book. This museum has the largest number of the specimens of the human hair. There are 16 000 of different specimens in general. The exhibitions are located in the cave in Avanos. Most of the specimens belong to women.

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