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There are some places on the Earth, where time seems to freeze and where you try to remember every second. These places are really perfect for two. If you are planning a vacation, but do not know where to go, we will tell you about the most romantic travel destinations for two beloved ones. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This island is the most unusual in French Polynesia. This is an exotic, extravagant island with the charming views on the golden beaches, blue lagoons and dense forests. Bora Bora is considered as one of the most popular places for a honeymoon. Paris, France

Paris is considered not only the capital of the fashion but also the capital of love. There are a lot of luxury restaurants where you can have a romantic dinner with candles and drink aromatic French wine. Also, the atmosphere of the city matches for couples: walks along Seine banks and kisses under the Eiffel Tower. Santorini, Greece

Greek islands are very beautiful and picturesque. You will like these charming city and natural landscapes. A romantic dinner during sunset will be a very impressive event for you here. Savannah, Georgia, USA

It is hard to imagine the city, which is more beautiful than Savannah. This is a wonderful and romantic city with the bright flowerbeds, tasty breakfasts and Victorian architecture. You should walk across Forsyth Park admiring its great landscapes. Venice, Italy

The charm of Old Europe can infatuate any couple. You will be amazed at the numerous whimsical channels and open-air cafes here. Of course, do not forget to ride the gondola in this romantic city. Bordeaux, France

If you dream about aromatic French wine and delicious food, so you should visit Bordeaux. This is the best place for it. Most of the restaurants are located in the castles of XVIII century.

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