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Nowadays it seems that there are no unreachable destinations under the sun. In fact, we may think wrong, because secluded and hidden places exist. It is really hard to reach them and it is not a question of ticket’s price at all. We will tell you about the most secluded place in this world, where in spite of everything some people live and work.

Archipelago Kerguelen or also known as Desolation Island is a hard reachable place based in the Indian Ocean. The nearest country is Madagascar, which is located 3300 km far from Kerguelen. You may ask: is it really hard to visit this island? There are a lot of modern airlines nowadays. We agree with you, but the problem is following: there is no airport on the island. Ages ago it was planned to build an airport here, but it was not managed to do that.

That is why the only way to reach Desolation Island is to sail by ship. This archipelago is inhabited with scientists and operating personnel that alternate each other throughout the year. The island experiences the inclement climate. There is no heat or frost in Kerguelen. As for animals, there are many penguins, seals, seabirds, rabbits and even cats. Because of very strong winds, there are no trees on the island. Kerguelen cabbage grows here. It a useful plant that is rich in vitamin C.

So if you want ever to visit Desolation Island, you should know that the whole way will take circa 7 days. First of all, you should come to Paris, then to Réunion Island using Air France or Air Austral. The whole flight will take 12 hours. Afterwards, from the Réunion, you can reach Kerguelen by ship. It will take 6 days and then you will be there. If you do not afraid of the long journey than pack your bags and enjoy the secluded and silent place!

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