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The most unusual proposal ever


Finding your soulmate is the hardest thing in life. If you have already found yours - you are lucky. But when you finally had taken such a difficult decision you might faced a dilemma: how you must actually propose to you beloved? Should you involve your friends or is it something that concerns just you two? Would you prefer to have it all filmed or must it stay just in your memory? Wedding photographer Jivago was confused with the same questions when thinking of his lovely Laura. Their story started 8 months ago. Jivago knew that Laura was the woman he wanted to live with “till death do them part”. They both worked at weddings and groom to-be wanted to base his proposal on photography which helped them to meet each other. Therefore, he came up with an idea to organize a fake wedding and hire Laura as photographer. “It was one more special day for one more bride”, tells Laura. She got up early in the morning, took her camera and went to the church where two hearts supposed to beat together for the rest of their life.

Little girl was walking down the aisle with a box instead of flowers when suddenly she came to Laura. She opened the box and everybody saw a photo where Jivago and Laura were happily smiling.

Laura was taken aback. She didn’t understand what was going on and was not sure if she had to do her job further.

When she had finally recovered from shock she saw Jivago standing on one knee in front of her.

Laura was absolutely unprepared for such an outcome of the wedding.Jivago finally told that the wedding was fake and all people (240! guests btw) were just volunteers aspiring to help. Of course, Laura couldn’t resist and said yes!

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