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We live in a world, which is developing day by day. We get more and more new technologies and gadgets that make our life easier and more comfortable. People cannot even imagine their existing without modern devices. But sometimes we reflect on the ordinary usual things, which could be invented for the full comfort each of us. Further, we want to show you some of these inventions, which concern with the food industry. Why didn’t people develop such things earlier? Edible spoons These are the waffle spoons, which you can eat after your dessert.

A plastic hoist for crisps With help of this hoist, you can easily take the crisps from the narrow box.

A plate with the opening for a glass This plate has the special opening for the glass with a beverage. Such an invention allows holding all meal in one hand, and the second hand is free.

A special packing and table for the French fries This is a special packing for the French fries made from the thick cardboard in the form of the cone. This meal can be put into the opening in the table.

A spray nozzle This simple device allows you putting it directly into the lemon and turning it into the atomiser.

A pizza machine This pizza machine can make a tasty pizza for you in only 3 minutes. All ingredients you can choose by your own.

A beer delivery There is a mini train that delivers beer to the guests in the restaurant in Prague.

A silicon lid This lid can transform to any size and will help you to keep your fruits and vegetables always fresh.

A package for pizza This is a comfortable package with the openings for the corners of the pizza box.

The stacking glasses You can stack the handles of the glasses together and hold more glasses in one hand.

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