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In the modern society, everyone who has smartphone or tablet knows what the word selfie means. The new type of addiction has appeared. It is the so-called selfie-addiction. Almost in any city or town all over the globe, you can’t but meet the girls and boys who take pictures of themselves. In 2013, the word “selfie” was recognized to be the word of the year. It was added to the Oxford Dictionaries.

To date, the art of selfie possesses its own peculiarities and establishes its own rules. The main one is that the place for selfie must be chosen very carefully. There are the best places ever to make selfies that are able to blow one’s mind totally.

Naturally, the world famous places of interest always make any selfie extraordinary and appealing. For instance, Paris is an exceptional city where it is possible to make billiards of unforgettable selfies.

London is also full of interesting locations for awesome selfies.

One of the most unusual place for the selfie is space or high in the sky. No everyone is able to take such pictures but they are really precious and a little bit insane.

The superior selfies can be taken on the edge of the cliffs or on the skyscrapers. Such selfies reflect the strong and brave character of their possessors.

Desert and sea depths are also the ones of the best locations. The selfies are individual and unusual.

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