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As you know we are living in the Information Age and the progress is always moving on. You can notice it in different innovative devices around us. Even foodstuff is modified. We offer you to take a look at such innovative products and dishes, which look like came to us from the future. 1. Black ice-cream This new sweetness has an exotic flavour of the charcoal and almonds. It was developed by the little company “Little damage” based in Los Angeles. Such ice-cream is very popular among young people.

2. Colorless coffee If you like coffee very much, but at the same time you care about your teeth, you can easily buy this one. In London, scientists developed the colourless clear coffee. It was made by unique technology by way of using coffee beans of the superior quality. It contains caffeine like usual coffee. So the flavour and energy boost are the same, but without any injury for your enamel.

3. Edible bubble with water. Such bubbles called “Ooho!” can substitute plastic bottles. It is a small portion of drinking water, which is placed in the algal envelope. Unlike plastic bottles, such an envelope can be utilised in 3-4 weeks without any damage for nature.

4. Vegetable cutlets for burgers You will not distinguish these vegetable cutlets from the real meat because such cutlets have a flavour, smell and consistency of the meat. But it consists of 100% vegetables. This dish is developed by the “Beyond meat” company.

5. Large sushi This food is called “Poke” and came to us from Hawaii. Such a roll contains a raw fish with fruits and vegetables and does not take much time for its preparing. So you can get a dish quickly with a lot of vitamins and incredible flavour.

6. Violet bread This violet bread was developed by the scientists of the National University of Singapore. Such a product is more health-giving than ordinary bread. It contains more antioxidants, which are taken from the black rice. That is why this bread has such a colour.

7. Meat from the test-tube It is a good idea for those, who hates murdering animals, but loves meat. In 2013 was cooked a burger with such manufactured meat, which cost $325 000 USD. So nowadays scientists are working on the developing of the manufactured growing of meat, but for lower cost.

8. Lunch in a bottle Such food is produced by the company “Soylent”. Their motto is “Food that frees you”. Really you don’t have to choose what and where to eat or to count calories. These meals contain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. It is a very good option for those, who want to feed on by the right way, but do not have enough time for it.

9. Sleep protein The company “Sleep Protein” was developed a special kind of protein, which contains more health-giving nutrients and helps to relax and fall asleep.

10. Melting cheese This product can melt before our very eyes. It is used for the Raclette – Swiss dish with meat and vegetables. Now, this dish is very popular in New York.

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