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This man is going to give homeless people their dignity back


Nowadays charity is considered to be something very common and familiar to most of people. There are many volunteers that are willing to help and sacrifice their time, money and material values. Thousand of special organizations take care of those in need, however, there are individuals who think not only how to feed and give shelter to homeless but also worry about such obvious for us things as hygiene.

Few years ago Jake Austin (St Louis, Missouri) started helping homeless by bringing soap, shampoos and other means of hygiene to special organizations. But then he realized that people would be unable to take shower because there were no places for this purpose for them.

Therefore, Jake came up with an idea to give this possibility to homeless. He bought a truck for 5000$ and the rest of the money he got from GoFundMe. He created mobile shower by setting sinks, showers and mirrors inside. In such a way he could drive within the city and provide people with comfortable conditions for keeping their bodies clean. Jake Austin explained that his shower-truck is great chance for homeless people to get a ticket to better life. For instance, when you are clean and neat nobody will kick you off from the building if you want to get a job.

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