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Time management: how to plan your day


Often people face the problem of lack of time. It seems that 24 hour-day is too little to do everything you need. You often try to hurry up but it doesn’t help and you become mad. There will only thing that can help is planning.

There are many ways of planning the day and creating schedules. For example, you can create a plan in special electronic planners, and there are also online diaries. And if you want to carry your plan with you, you can create it right in your smartphone. When you choose the most convenient method for creating a schedule, you can start writing it. It should include the list of all things that you must do , even the smallest, because often they require the most of time.

After setting the plan, read it couple of times, if necessary, add something or remove something. Now the most difficult stage begins - following the plan. First you have to force yourself, sometimes hurry yourself up but after few weeks you will feel the change. First, the need for constant rush will disappear, because all tasks are scheduled by hours. Also you will always find time for walks, meetings with friends and sport. This way you can free your weekends by scheduling all business things on weekdays. Do you plan your time?

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