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If you are an enthusiastic traveller, you know that all hotels are different. It depends also upon the country, which you are going to visit. However, everyone wants to spend less money booking a hotel. We will show you the hotels, where you can rent a room only for $50USD. So let’s go to the virtual journey! Madrid, Spain

In Madrid, you can book a hotel from 45 EUR to 85 EUR. All rooms contain the conveniences and some hotels can also to offer a breakfast for you. Istanbul, Turkey

Here you can book a great room with the perfect service for $50 USD. All rooms are spacious and look amazing. For sure you will get all the conveniences and meals. Athens, Greece

There are a lot of beautiful hotels, which you can book only for $50 USD. But you should do this beforehand because during the tourist season it will be very difficult to find cheap hotels. Tirana, Albania

In spite of the economic crisis, there are a lot of great hotels with low prices. Usually, you can book a room with all the conveniences for $30 USD. New Delhi, India

This country can offer you the best rooms for $50 USD, where you will get the comfort, good service, mini-bar, cosmetics and even a separate room for the hosting the guests. Miami, USA

The average salary is circa $3000 USD in Miami and a cup of coffee costs $3,5 USD. That is why it is impossible to find a wonderful hotel near a beach for $50 USD. But you can book a nice motel not far from the airport and some beaches. Paris, France

Paris is a very expensive city. So you can rent only a room in a hostel for $50 USD here. Choose a hostel near the centre of the city, you can save your money for the transport charges. Beijing, China

Most hotels cost here no less than $100 USD, you can count only on a hostel. But the hotels have more conveniences and comfort, so it would be better to pay extra money, but spend a night in a safe place. Tokyo, Japan

The city is densely populated and also very expensive. For $50 USD you can find a hotel, but with the Spartan conditions. You will sleep on the floor and get a pack of the dry noodles. Rome, Italy

Here you will not find a room for such a small price, but you can rent a room in a flat. Or you can book a hostel not far from the city. There you will get an access to the Internet and hot water.

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