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Summer is now around and most of the people are planning their vacations. But not all can afford them the expensive journey. If you do not want to ravage your wallet, this information is for you! We prepared a set of the countries, where you can enjoy the rest and not spend much money. Montenegro

What to see: Ostrog Monastery, Lake Skadar, Tara River Canyon, Budva, Sveti Stefan and Petrovac. How much: • Accommodation: €30 - €50 per night • Meals: €15- €20 per one person for the lunch or dinner (by the way you cannot buy foodstuff in the store and cook by your own) • Bus excursion across the country: €40- €45 per one person Bulgaria

What to see: Madara Rider, Boyana Church, Rila Monastery, Pirin National Park, Sreburna Nature Reserve, the ancient city of Nesebar. How much: • Accommodation: €5 - €50 per night • Meals: €20 - €30 for lunch or dinner per two persons Cyprus

What to see: Akamas Peninsula National Park, Tombs of the Kings, Baths of Aphrodite, Limassol Castle, Cape Greco, Paphos Archaeological Park. How much: • Accommodation: €20 - €30 per night • Meals: €10 - €15 for lunch or dinner per one person in a restaurant Georgia

What to see: Javari Monastery, Narikala, Sioni Cathedral of the Dormition, Vorontsov Palace in Tbilisi, Gelati Monastery, Gremi. How much: • Accommodation: $15 - $20 for 1 bedroom flat per night, $7 - $10 for a room in a hostel per night. • Meals: $15 - $20 for lunch or dinner per two persons in a good restaurant Greece

What to see: Metéora, Mount Athos, Rhodes, Zakynthos Beach, Acropolis, Knossos, Erechtheion, Mount Olympus, Santorini, Gulf of Corinth, Parthenon, Delphi. How much: • Accommodation: a hotel circa €30 - €40 per night. • Meals: €15 - €20 for a dinner per one person • Excursion: €6 - €7 per one person

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