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Underlook: Animals from Underneath


Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba takes great photos of different animals underneath. The whole project is called “Underlook”. There are 4 sets (projects) of photos for now: “Under-Cats”, “Under-Dogs”, “Under-Rabbit” and “Under-Horse”. The last one is the most scaled part of the project. Andrius is very proud of his work. The photographer has also published photo books with every set.

The first project was “Under-Cats”. Mr Burba was going to Vilnius and visiting there an International Cat Show, where he took his first photoshoot with cats. It was a really new way to see the animals. The photos of this photoshoot were shared on the internet very quickly and this project became popular.

The second project “Under-Dogs” took place also in Vilnius. Photos with dogs were even funnier than with cats.

“Under-Horse” is the largest project, because it required more special equipment and more people for help with animals and process of the photoshoot.

“Under-Rabbit” is the cutest photoshoot. These fluffy pets look so adorable! There are really wonderful snap-shots.

Young photographer shows us a different glance at the beauty of animals. But the conclusion will be single: animals are beautiful from any side.

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