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Unusual Hotel in the Mountains


There are a lot of whimsical buildings all around the world. The architects try to create something unique and original to surprise everyone around. Such constructions decorate many cities all around the globe. These creative buildings are not only decorations but also serve as the important institutions. Thus, we can notice various cafes, restaurants or museums with interesting architecture almost in every city. We want to show you one of those wonderful buildings. It is a hotel performed in the unusual form.

This whimsical construction is located in one of the highest parts of the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. The «Atelier 8000» studio from the Czech Republic developed this project. As we see this studio has done a wonderful job to make such a captivating form of the building. It seems that this hotel just fell down from the space. By the way, the whole construction perfectly blends with the mountainous landscape.

This hotel is built in the form of the cube, which is turned on the one corner. In fact, thank such a form this hotel looks so unique and suitable to the environment.

In spite of the whimsical form outside, inside this house is very cosy and warm. The whole interior is performed like a family home with wooden walls and floor. Actually wood is almost everywhere inside, even in furniture. By the way, there are a lot of soft pillows everywhere in the rooms.

Doubtless, every traveller will be glad to spend a night in such a hotel.

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