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If you like to travel, you should necessarily know that every country has its own rules, laws and recommendations, which you need to follow. Sometimes such rules are very strange. We will tell you about the most unusual prohibitions that exist in different countries. 1. You cannot go through reincarnation without permission in Tibet.

In 2007 Chinese government issued the executive order according to which the reincarnation of the Buddhist monks is forbidden without special permission of the authorities. 2. It is forbidden to eat ketchup and mayonnaise at school in France.

At French schools, the using of the sauces, are controlled by the law. Such measures are used for the improving the food quality in canteens. 3. The strip clubs are forbidden in Iceland.

It is forbidden to use the naked body of the staff as a source of income. Therefore, Iceland is the first country in the world that prohibited such revenues due to not religious reasons. 4. In Canada, it is forbidden to use strollers. The authorities consider strollers as very dangerous for children.

5. In Singapore, you may not chew gum in the public places. Otherwise, you will pay a solid fine.

6. In Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, it is not allowed to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. The authorities are convinced that it is not the Muslim tradition.

7. In Roma, you may not have a goldfish in the round glass aquarium.

8. In Japan, forbidden to hire stuff with the obesity. For each employee with the obesity the employer pays a big fine. Since 2008, according to the law, companies check and control the waists of their stuff.

9. In Australia, it is prohibited to create funny memes. People may not use the photos of others. Thus, creating the funny memes are against the law.

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