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Ways of playing with the child lying on the couch


If you cannot run and jump with the children anymore, lie down and play in these passive sofa games that you and the kids will like.

Trying to be good parents, we try our best to keep up with our children, but sometimes the desire to lie down and not get up becomes insurmountable. Especially for such cases, there are games that allow to entertain the child lying on your favorite couch.

Walk along my back An excellent way out if the children are still young. They learn to keep balance, and you get a free back massage. Letters on the back One of you draws a finger on the back with your finger, and the other tries to guess them. At the same time, learn the alphabet. Playing in the hospital / restaurant Take on the role of the patient, the visitor of the restaurant, and let your child treat you, serve or entertain.

Hairdresser / beauty salon For the precious minutes of rest you can give the offspring a nail polish, combs, hair clips and elastic bands. The main thing - do not give the child real scissors. Brave Monster This game is best played with two or more children. Move the sofa away from the wall, lie on it, and let the children run around in circles around the sofa. From time to time growl, snatch one of the children and tickle it.

Bring it to me ... This is a brilliant two-part game. Sit on the couch and ask the child to bring you something: for example, something blue, something triangular or something that looks like an apple. Be sure: no matter what you think, you will be surely brought something. But that is not all. After the child brings you some unexpected items, give him the assignment to lay them out in the same places from where he took them. Legs are expensive Let the children roll your little cars around your feet. This, by the way, is very relaxing.

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