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Proper nutrition is a balanced diet. At the same time, products such as fast food, French fries, chips, various sauces, pizza and other unhealthy foods are permanently excluded from the diet. Undoubtedly, proper nutrition is a diet that is observed all the time and should become a way of life.

Water More than 50% of the constituent of our body is water. The use of the necessary amount of fluid every day is an integral part of existence! The liquid is not only absorbed by drinking water. Its content is also found in many fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products.

Sugar The use of sugar is also worth reducing to a minimum. The fact is that this is essentially "Empty calories" with extremely low nutritional value. It is better to replace it with honey.

Diet On the day there should be about six meals with an interval of 2.5 hours. Such a regime will help significantly speed up the metabolism. Carbohydrates should be saturated only in the first half of the day, and in the evening give preference to protein foods.

Prohibited products Sausages, sausages, canned goods, crackers, chips, broth cubes, dried fish, beer, carbonated drinks, mayonnaise, pastries, pasta, biscuits, instant noodles, coffee.

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