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Why Do Cats Like to Sleep near Their Owners?


Every owner of these fluffy friends has ever noticed that cats like to sleep near or even on their owner. Especially it happens, when we feel ill and then our lovely pet comes to us and lay on that sick part of the body. Do you know why is it so?

British researchers found out that such a behaviour can be explained by the temperature differences. The point is that cats have higher body temperature than a human. That is why our pets need more warmth for getting warm. So they look for safe warm places to sleep. The temperature of sick body parts is higher than of the whole organism, so it is warmer and cats feel it and lay on those parts. There are also some points of view that cats can cure by laying on the sick body parts. The explanation is that cats have a strong positive karma, which influences on human’s one.

Cats consider also their owners as parents and protectors. That is why our pets sleep at the foot of human or on the chest. Domestic cats have childish instincts even being grown up, so near its owner pets feel safe. I guess that we do not mind against such instincts. It is so awesome to fall asleep while our fluffy pet purrs quite near.

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