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Why it is important to pause while working


To increase productivity, take breaks and be distracted from work.

According to the research, our brain is overworked, if it is concentrating for some task for more than 1.5 hours. Therefore, every 1.5 hours, you need to take a break for 10-30 minutes. After that you can start working again.

How to effectively relax from work An effective break allows the mind to disconnect from worries, rest and recover. At this time, you are not only charged with energy, but also subconsciously generate new ideas.

Find strength to allow yourself to rest The modern world inspires us with the rule that we should not waste precious time for rest. In the eyes of society it looks like a sign of laziness. Do not follow the crowd.

Force yourself to disconnect from everything Turn off the phone, take a shower, stroll, go in for sports. If you can not leave your workplace, look at the beautiful photos and listen to the sounds of nature. Divide the day into business hours and rest hours Do not let complicated tasks spoil your whole day. Select for them a certain time, and during breaks try to forget about them. So you will make every day productive.

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