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World Heritage: Serengeti National Park


Ages ago the territory of Serengeti, which is situated in Tanzania, was empty and devoid of inhabitants. Then more than one century ago the Maasai people came here from the North. In 1913 first European hunters visited this place and afterwards, in 1921, the partial reserve was established here in Serengeti. Then in 1959, it changed into the national park with the area of 14763 km2. Along with the reserve of Maasai Mara and Ngorongoro, it assembles about 30 000 km2.

Nowadays it is one of the largest national parks in the world. There are circa 500 species of birds and 3 million individuals of animals. Nature is maiden and just awesome here in Serengeti, especially after rain it looks amazing. There are green plains with wildflowers and lots of acacias.

Most of the park’s territory belongs also to historical treasure. Here takes place a lot of archaeological digs every year. But the most famous event and characteristic of the Serengeti National Park is the annual migration of more than 1,5 million wildebeests and 250 000 zebras and antelopes. Animals move from the northern hills to the southern valleys, after that they migrate to West and again to North.

Millions of visitors come here every year to admire the beauty of this paradise of the world.

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